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April 14, 2020


Lion Truck Racing will engage a truck this season in both the French and European championships, and a new pair of drivers will wear the colors of the team. Anthony Janiec is renewed this season on the entire calendar in Europe * and he will share his wheel in the championship in France with a new arrival in truck competition: the driver Sarah Bovy.

Anthony Janiec is back for a full season in the European Championship * thanks to the support of Total Rubia and Nexustruck as Majors Sponsors. After three titles of French Champion (2017, 2018 and 2019), the team renewed their confidence in him and offered to compete against the top European teams.

In his last full participation in the European Championship in 2016, Anthony Janiec had finished 6th in the FIA general ranking with the Lion Truck Racing colors.

"After my third title of French Champion, we had made the decision with Patrick Folleas and the rest of the team to find the European level and to measure ourselves against the best teams. I am happy to pass this milestone and I will do my best every weekend of the race to achieve this project that was close to his heart a reality. "


Anthony Janiec will share his steering wheel in the French Championship with the Belgian driver Sarah Bovy who will take his first steps in truck competition during the Grands Prix of Nogaro and Magny-Cours *. More accustomed to racing car buckets, the 30-year-old had proven herself in tests carried out last December at the Nogaro circuit. Patrick Folleas, owner of the team who died in January, had decided to continue the innovative dynamics of the team by giving a chance to a female pilot just as he did with Steffi Halm in 2012.

One of the few women to challenge men in motorsport, Sarah Bovy drove in 2019 for the W Series and for her 5th participation in the Total 24 Hours of Spa in 2018, when she was the only woman out of 220 drivers involved, she took pole position in its category.

"I discovered truck racing during the Le Mans 24 hours of the discipline last year, and I was immediately seduced by the powerful passion that this discipline generates. Not only with the pilots, but also within the teams and the hyper-enthusiastic public who attend each meeting. I was very touched by the death of Patrick, in just a few hours spent together, he had convinced me of his kindness, his boundless passion for truck racing but also and above all his benevolence towards those he appreciated. This year, I’ll think of him every time I drive and I’ll try to live up to the confidence he and Lion Truck Racing have placed in me. Notice to all fans of the discipline, I'm not coming to put on beads! "


The new Lion Truck Racing driver will be able to count on the experience of his teammate to quickly score his first points in the French Truck Championship. The two pilots will be in the colors of RAS Intérim as Major Sponsor in France.

All team members support this new driver duo and prepare for an exciting 2020 season.

Finally, it was in the footsteps of her husband Patrick and in line with the values he had known how to develop in truck racing, that Maryline Folleas, decided to join the team to continue the Lion adventure even further Truck Racing as Owner and President of the team.

"From an idea germinated from nothing in 2012 except for the passion for mechanical sport and the desire to communicate it through truck competition ... to the development of a recognized, efficient team and a very professional event machine.... Patrick has made Lion Truck Racing grow over the years, with this ambition of always going further, going higher, with the human and professional values that made his strength. Carve out the lion's share! This was it!

Nothing could stop Patrick in his projects and the investment he made in each step. A true unifier, he knew how to surround himself with the most brilliant experts but also with the greatest enthusiasts: Pascal, Jonathan, Marie France, Barbara, Bernard, Steffi, Anthony, Sarah,... BFT employees, sponsors, partners, friends .... and so many others!

Patrick is no longer there, but the whole team wants and even have the rage to continue the adventure to pay tribute to Patrick! "The show must go on !!! "


Co-founder of the LION TRUCK RACING, Pascal Calas, passionate about gold-plated truck mechanics, has had responsibility for the entire technical scope since the team was born. At the head of a team of mechanics in Toulouse, he never stops thinking about engineering, truck performance, but also optimization of parts to ensure optimal mechanical preparation. With several years of experience, his goal is to adapt and push the team’s performance even higher.

“This year will be an atypical year in the championship where prudence and adaptation will be the watchwords of the season. However, the LION TRUCK truck is preparing in our workshops, ready to roar its engine and engage in good performance for the season. The entire technical team is ready for the start! "


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About Nexustruck :
NEXUSTRUCK, partner of the Lion Truck team since 2014, is an international network of independent workshops developed by NEXUS Automotive International, a progressive automotive community that is driving the success of automotive car and truck parts distributors and suppliers across the world by providing local support and innovative global services.
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About RAS intérim :
Specialist in recruitment since 1969, R.A.S Intérim has developed its expertise in the most demanding fields to become today the leader of the interim in the transport and logistics trades. Thanks to a 24/7 service unique in France, the network of more than 150 branches in France and Spain ensures unparalleled continuity of service on the market.
Partner of the Team LION TRUCK RACING since 2015, the R.A.S Interim teams are present on all the races of the French Championship and accompany their clients and temporary workers in the discovery of this exciting championship.
"Our commitment to the LION TRUCK RACING Team is based on the fact that we share strong values such as performance, quality, but also self-improvement, simplicity, humility and benevolence. These values embodied by Patrick, we are proud to continue to develop them and bring them to life together for this exciting new season ”

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