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October 14, 2019

Double title for the Lion Truck Racing drivers at the GP Camions of Albi

At the end of the Grand Prix Camions of Albi, Anthony Janiec keeps his third Champion of France title and Téo Calvet becomes Champion of France in Junior category.


The final Grand Prix of the season took place on October, 12th and 13th on the Circuit of Albi track. With 40 points in advance on the championship, Anthony Janiec was a few points from his third title. Téo Calvet had to keep pushing to finish on the general classification podium. In Race 1, Anthony Janiec and Téo Calvet, started from the second and fourth positions, ended respectively second and third. 

Started from the fourth position, Téo Calvet won the Race 2. Anthony Janiec finished on the third step of the podium. Following this result, Anthony kept his title and Téo Calvet became Champion of France in Junior category. 

In Race 3, Téo Calvet ended up P2 under a red flag. Anthony Janiec finished P4. Following a penalty, Téo was finally relegated to the third position. 

Anthony Janiec won the Race 4 and Téo Calvet ended P3. 

The Grand Prix Camions of Albi concluded an amazing 2019 season for the Lion Truck Racing with two Champion titles. See you next year!


"I am really happy to finish the season by a victory in front of the amazing public of Albi! There was a lot of emotion on the last starting grid. I am very satisfied of our performance this weekend. I already looking forward to starting the next season!"



Téo Calvet is joining Team Buggyra Racing in European Truck Racing Championship, he will drive with Adam Lacko. The whole Lion Truck Racing Team wishes him the best in his new adventure!


" Good weekend for me with great performance. I finish the season on the third step of the podium. A lot of emotion on the Race 4. I want to thank each member of the Lion Truck Racing. Now, see you in ETRC!"



"Very happy with our season. We started with Téo (Calvet) three years ago and he had never driven before, he quickly progressed. This year, he finished Champion of France of the Junior category and third overall, it was unexpected three years ago. He goes to a Team in ETRC and we knew how to train him, to teach him our know-how and he managed like a leader! I'm really happy with him. Same thing for Anthony (Janiec), when we started with him he had a reputation for loving contact on track. With us he knew how to control this and he proved to us this weekend that he knows how to manage his races perfectly. He ended the season with a win and proved once again that he deserves his title. We have a team that has built an exceptional truck, mechanics and all the technical team that is very motivated to get more reliability and performance. A team around with the shop, the logistic, the communication, they all did an amazing job. We are not only N. 1 on the track, I'm really proud of the team... Thank you all!"



"Good weekend for the Lion Truck Racing! We controlled the two first races to get this new title and feel better on Sunday. The two last race were more interesting, drivers kept pushing until the final lap of the season for an amazing Race 4. It was an amazing weekend which concludes an amazing season: two drivers, two titles."



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